Installation notes

Please take a minute to read our tips to make sure that hanging your fabric picture goes as smoothly as possible. We include instructions with your image for an easy and quick install. If you follow them you'll have a good result and, we hope, be delighted. We have installed many of these and have determined the best technique for installation.

A: Know the size of your image and determine, with the help of a ladder and a level, where the top of the image should be. Using the level and a light pencil, draw a line along the top where the image will be.


Let's visit the factory!

Your Fabric Picture is printed in Sweden in our workshop, cut on a table cutter and then sewn with a lovely merrow stitch finish around each edge. We use a printer that we engineered and built ourselves and have perfected over 27 years. The adhesive is from the Netherlands and the water-based ink is made in Germany. Fabric Picture Co. is part of a printing company called Big Image Systems. We have two factories, one in Germany in Babelsberg, near Berlin, and the other in Taby, Sweden, near Stockholm. 

The merrowed edge.

A tiny little bit of history about tapestries...

The success of decorative tapestry can be partially explained by its portability (Le Corbusier once called tapestries "nomadic murals"). Kings and noblemen could roll up and transport tapestries from one residence to another. In churches, they were displayed on special occasions. Tapestries were also draped on the walls of castles for insulation during winter, as well as for decorative display.

Pictured is the "The Unicorn in Captivity," one of seven individual hangings in NYC's Metropolitan Museum known as "The Unicorn Tapestries," are among the most beautiful and complex works of art from the late Middle Ages that survive....